Base Power Launches in Texas

Building the Foundation for an Energy Abundant Future: Base Power Launches in TexasBase Offers Reliable And Affordable Home Energy Service

May 07, 2024 11:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time


Base Power announced today the launch of their battery-powered home energy service to offer customers more reliable and affordable power. Base is available today to select Texas homeowners that can choose their energy provider, with plans to expand nationally.“

Texas leads the nation in power outages — homeowners in the state experience more hours of outages than anywhere else in the country. Additionally, electricity prices across the state have almost doubled since 2017.

Base is the first and only company to offer customers a home battery, monthly energy service, and installation all-in-one, with no requirement of solar installation. Base customers save on their monthly electric bills and enjoy power without interruption for one-tenth the upfront cost of comparable batteries and generators.

“The pain every Texan feels in the summer and the winter is a preview of what may come nationwide,” said Zach Dell, CEO and Co-Founder of Base. “Our aging energy systems are not fit to harness our increasingly renewable and intermittent power supply, and we are unprepared for growing demand from Texas’s growth and the electrification of our economy. Base Power is the key to unlocking an energy abundant future through dispatchable, distributed battery storage.”

Base Power, a licensed electricity provider in Texas, will operate as a Virtual Power Plant: when the grid is up and running, the Base battery will improve grid stability, and, when the grid goes down, Base will protect customers’ homes from power outages. By switching to Base and installing a Base battery, customers will gain access to reliable battery backup and competitive energy rates, without the high upfront costs of traditional home batteries or needing to install solar.“

It is very exciting to see companies like Base bring Texans an affordable alternative to backup generators, while adding dispatchability to the grid and compensating residential customers fairly for their ongoing reliability contributions,” said Becky Klein, former Chairperson of the Public Utility Commission of Texas. “This is a step in the right direction for the Texas power grid and consumers.”

Base joins a growing number of technology companies working on Distributed Energy Resources in Texas through the Aggregated Distributed Energy Resources (ADER) pilot program. Base’s model is uniquely designed to bring grid assets online faster and more cost effectively than existing solutions.

“I believe Texas is sending the right signals thanks to the ADER Pilot, a project that has enabled cutting-edge grid solutions using residential dispatchable batteries,” said Jason Ryan, Chair, ADER Task Force, EVP, Regulatory Services & Government Affairs, CenterPoint Energy. “More batteries in Texas homes and better value for customers means a better future for Texans. The ADER Task Force is here to make sure we can secure this future for Texas as safely and quickly as possible with innovative solutions.”

Base offers transparent monthly billing with no hidden fees and no misleading rebate programs. Base batteries are designed to last 15 years and withstand extreme temperatures and weather, and Base owns the battery and handles any maintenance on the system.

“Finally, an energy company that actually innovates, a welcome change after switching plans annually for years',” said Kavao Siharath, Base customer in Round Rock, Texas. “We've seen a solid 10% decrease in our energy expenses, never have to worry about energy bill hikes in the summer, and enjoy the peace of mind of backup power. It's been a huge relief.”Base is available today in select regions of Texas with energy choice. Sign up to be notified when Base is available in your area here.

About Base Power

Founded in 2023 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Base is the modern power company for the electric era.

Base is led by a team of engineers and operators from companies including SpaceX, Tesla, Anduril, Blackstone, and Apple. The company has raised capital from Thrive Capital, Valor Equity Partners, Altimeter Capital, Trust Ventures, Terrain, and others.

Base is building distributed battery storage for customers and the grid — unlocking reliable and affordable energy for Texans. Their service supports the grid during times of peak need and protects customers during outages — for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. With Base, customers don’t have to worry about their power going out or their bill going up. Learn more about Base here.

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