Best Electricity Providers of 2023

Release': Names Best Electricity Providers of 2023

March 14,2023

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News Release: Names Best Electricity Providers of 2023


HOUSTON, March 14, 2023  -- Access to reliable and affordable electricity is becoming an ever-increasingly topic discussed around the dinner table lately. Factors such as the war in Ukraine, supply chain issues, record inflation, and a continual rise in population all have many of us searching for energy security.

After all, everybody deserves the piece of mind that not only are we getting the best deal, but that the power is reliable, and the customer service will be there in times of extreme weather. has released a list of the Best 2023 Electricity Providers using its Provider Score rating system to help consumers just like you easily compare their options and make the correct choice.

Our Provider Score rating system is based on 25+ data points including: energy product offerings, customer service, customer reviews, business history, sustainability, community outreach, and a whole lot more.

So, without further ado here are the best provider options going into 2023.

The Best Overall Electricity Provider: Constellation

For the third year in a row, Constellation has earned the highest overall Provider Score. Serving over 2.5 million residential and business customers reliably across the United States, Constellation is also a leading provider of carbon-free energy. They are committed to being 100% carbon-free by 2040.

Why Constellation?

  • Innovative products at rates that are tough to beat!

  • Whether you're looking for a 100% renewable energy plan, A/C protection, smart-home solutions, or the latest power incentives - they have flexible plans that cater to practically any need.

  • Outstanding customer support and availability through online chat make it easy to reach out for help quickly.

  • 20+ years of experience serving millions of residential and business customers.

  • Constellation and its employees are outstanding contributors to the communities they serve. In 2021 they contributed over $10M to support 4,000 organizations. Employees contributed 68K volunteer hours across 34 states.

Best Green Electricity Provider: Energy Harbor

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio and serving nearly 1 million Americans, Energy Harbor has a lot to offer their members. Through carbon-free power they avoid 46.3 Billion pounds of CO2 going into the atmostphere annually. That's the equivalent of 4.6 Million cars off the road.

Why Energy Harbor?

  • They offer more than just affordable carbon-free energy plans. They offer unique plan options including: Aggregate Community Plans, Smart Home Products, and gift cards.

  • The second largest carbon-free nuclear fleet in the country.

  • One of the few providers to offer a $0 early termination fee.

  • Strong supporters of the United Way community organization – in 2022 they raised $500,000 for their annual campaign.

Most Charitable Electricity Provider: Direct Energy

Boasting a customer base of over 4 million families and businesses, Direct Energy is one the largest providers in North America for electricity, natural gas, and home services. Based in Houston, Texas they also lead the way when it comes to giving back to the community.

Why Direct Energy?

  • $5 million commitment to expand the Texas Children's Hospital Heart Center.

  • Their Neighbor-to-Neighbor Bill Assistance program helps relieve up to $700 annually to low-income customers who qualify for the program.

  • $10,000 donated to Bike for Students to kids in local TX communities.

  • Meals for Families raised over $8,000, prepared over 13,000 meals, and packed 600 boxes of food for local citizens and families.

Most Innovative Electricity Provider: Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy takes the spot as the Most Innovative Electricity Provider for their diverse plan portfolio which offers unique plans and perks suited to a wide array of customers. Nearly anyone can find something to enjoy about this provider.

Why Green Mountain Energy?

  • Being the pioneer of the renewable energy market, their energy plans have helped its consumers avoid nearly 100 billion pounds in CO2 emissions since its founding

  • Their 67 solar farms and 8 wind farms across the country allow customers to opt for wind or solar energy plans, with the option for paperless and auto-pay discounts

  • A solar buyback program that gives you credit for excess renewable energy produced by your home's solar system

  • They are a carbon-neutral company and operate their offices using renewable energy and using post-consumer waste recycled paper printed with soy-ink

Provider Score Methodology Provider Score Rating system is based on over 25 data points across 4 categories.  Here is more information on the data points we auto-compare for you with our Provider Score rating system:

  • Product innovation & offerings - how flexible and how many cutting-edge products are offered?

  • Customer service and accessibility - how experienced is the support team and can you rely on them during outages or periods of extreme weather?

  • Community impact - does the company give back or volunteer to the local community?

  • Sustainability - does the provider primarily offer renewable or carbon-free plans?

  • Historic price fluctuations - have rates stayed stable over time?

  • Accessibility & Support - Does the provider offer online bill pay, chat and call center options?

  • Business History & Community Outreach - Are they a reputable business that has a positive impact in their community?

  • Customer Reviews - How many online reviews do they have and what is the sentiment?

  • And many more data points




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