Start-up, Will Offer Home Battery As Part Of Integrated Offer

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The Texas PUC granted Base Texas REP, LLC an Option 1 retail electric provider certificate

As exclusively first reported by, Base Texas REP is part of Base Power, Inc., the start-up whose management includes Zach Dell

Base, on its website, states, "Base offers a new way to power your home as the only energy provider that includes a battery."

Base's website, which describes its current status as a beta, indicates that it will offer a 20 kWh home battery for $1,500 at enrollment

An FAQ states, "Base’s Beta program offers partial home backup for critical appliances, like your fridge, lights, and outlets. The loads depend on your breaker box, i.e. subpanel, configuration. You can learn more by joining our waitlist - when Base becomes available, our team of engineers will conduct a site survey to tell you exactly what will be backed up. Base is currently designing custom hardware for whole-home backup, which will be available towards the end of 2024."

Base compares its $1,500 cost to generators and other batteries which Base lists as costing $15,000

"Our batteries work together to keep you and your community powered. The more Texans that join Base, the more reliable the grid becomes," the Base Power Company site states

In a December 2023 version of an FAQ previously appearing on the Base website, a then-present FAQ concerning the low upfront cost of the battery had previously stated, "Base is developing a battery network to enhance the power grid's stability by discharging, or selling, at times of peak need. By installing a battery at your home, you contribute to this network, and in return, we offer backup power without high upfront costs."

The Base Power Company site in December 2023 had also stated, "We're a modern power company laying the foundation for the energy transition with a connected network of batteries."

Under the REP certificate, Base Texas REP, LLC is authorized to use the trade names Base, Base Power, and Base Power Company.

Base Texas REP, LLC did not seek authorization to collect customer deposits or residential advance payments.

As previously reported, Zach Dell had been listed as CEO, President, and director of Base Power, Inc. in a filing, dated July 17, 2023, made with the Texas Secretary of State

As previously reported, Justin Lopas has been identified as COO and co-founder of Base Power, Inc., and is similarly identified as COO and co-founder of the entity Base Texas REP, LLC in the REP application




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